Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Much to Say!

It's been awhile since I posted, so I'll just give you the breakdown...

  1.  I got fitted for orthotics.  I know how some folks feel about them, but right now, I'm in favor...I've been able to run pain-free and thusfar, they have been worth what I paid for them (insurance didn't cover).
  2.  I have been running consistently for the last 7 weeks!  Once my orthotics got fitted, my podiatrist had me start running every day, starting with .5mi/day, then moving up each week.  I started and stopped a couple times (most notably due to a vacation to Costa Rica that Christy and I took for our anniversary!), but once I got back from a work trip, I decided that I was going to be more consistent.

    I put in 4 weeks straight, getting up to about 12mi/wk.  Two weeks ago, I decided to start putting in more miles per run and less runs per week.  To that end, I ran up to 3mi/run last week and have tried to up a couple runs above 3mi.
  3. I have finally made my goal weight!  I officially made it last week, but this morning's weigh-in had me at 178.6, or 30.2lbs from my start almost 9 months ago!
In short...

One last thing...I started an account at DailyMile so that I could keep better track of mileage and routes.  I included a widget (I won't call it little!) on the main page navigation so you can see how I'm doing.  It's on a probationary period for now.

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  1. As you may have noted from my article I have evolved from my argument about more minimal always being better (not that I ever argued for anybody elses runs). But I recently discovered the new Footbalance insoles which can be either form fitted at select stores or they sell a pair you can "do it yourself." I have both coming and will post my impressions later. Not many months ago I would have ignored such a product. But my feet have argued otherwise.
    Good job with you rebuilding mileage. Especially notable that you have done so wisely, aka gradually. Nice!