Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catching Up - Recent Workouts

Been a bit busy, but I managed to put in workouts on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and today (though today was only a run).  Saturday saw me do a 30min non-stop run outside for (what I think) is the first time in a couple years.  Pretty happy about that!

My Tuesday weigh-in saw me stay steady at 191.0lbs.  Considering the week Christy and I have had, I'll take it as a win.

Today, I dabbled in my first bit of speed work on the treadmill.  I did a 30min run with 2x1min walk breaks@3mph.  After 5min warm-up run@6mph, I alternated 1min@9mph with 1min@6mph for 5 repeats.  I then finished the remainder at 6mph.

Overall, I'm just happy with the feeling that if I want to run (and right now, I really do), I feel like I actually can!  That is what I've really wanted from this whole process.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's Workout - 02/17/11

Today, I was determined to exercise the demons from Tuesday's workout (haha..."excercise"...nice).  As I laced up my shoes, I planned out a pretty decent resistance routine.  Could have used more upper body, but it wasn't bad:

Squat Jumps - 2x10
Step-Ups - 1x10, 1x5 (per leg) @15lbs
Plank Knee Raises - 1x10, 1x12
Walking Lunges - 2x@40lbs
Bench Press - 2x10@115lbs
Heel Press - 2x15@135lbs
Lat Pull-Down - 1x10@85lbs (forgot to do set #2)

Today's run went GREAT!  I did 30min of non-stop running, alternating a 1deg incline every 5min while keeping a constant 6mph speed.

I feel like I could punch a tiger--IN THE FACE.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today's Weigh-in and Workout - 2/15/11

One step closer to getting under 190...I made 191.0 this morning.

For the workout, I tried to switch things up.  I was really just worn out, and things didn't go too well.

Bench Press - 1x15@95lbs, 1x10@95lbs
Step-Ups - 2x10@15lbs
Lunges - 2x10@40lbs
Leg Raises - 1x5, 1x10

Run was no more than 25min, with at least two walking periods.  I just didn't have it today.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Workout - 2/12/11 (Take a Run Around the Block)

For today's workout, I ran around the neighborhood.

Planned workout length was 30min.  Weather was sunny and, even with wind, up to 40deg.  I probably over-dressed just a touch.  I wore my long-sleeve Dri-Fit shirt with a windbreaker over it.  A short-sleeved shirt would likely have been a better bet.

I was able to keep moving throughout the whole time, but I did walk several times, which was pretty frustrating.  My shoes felt good (still loving my GT-2160's!) and my form wasn't too bad.  I just couldn't breathe well, and I think I was just tired from staying up too late this week.  Need to work on that!

At last I got to go outside today, eh?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday's Workout - 2/10/11

Didn't do much yesterday...just did a 30min run.

Felt reasonably good during the run, but very worn out afterword.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Weigh-in and Workout - 2/08/11

After 10 weeks, I'm down 15.6lbs to 193lbs even.  Yay!

Resistance workout was on the Strive circuit.  I mainly tried to maintain weight this week.  Still struggling to do those stinking shoulder presses.  If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it!

Did a 30min run today, which felt pretty good.  I'm sore as all get out now, though.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's Workout - 2/07/11

If you happen to see him, make sure to wish my little brother a happy 29th!  We'll be the same age for the next 20 days.

Today's workout was upper body:

Pull-ups - 1x10@120lbs, 1x5@120lbs (failed on the 2nd set)
Bench Press - 1x10@115, 1x5@130, 1x5@115
Plyo Bicep Curl - 2x10@15
Torpedo - 2x10@15
Running Form - 1x10@15
Leg Raises - 1x10
Leg Raise/Kicks - 2x5
Planks -  2x@30sec

Today's run was 35min@6mph.  I'm going to try to increase mileage this week by adding 5min to two of my runs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yesterday's Workout - 2/05/11

Yesterday I did the lower body workout.  Without access to the training area, I had to improvise.  I tried to do each rotation without resting between exercises, which was quite difficult!

Squat Jumps - 1x10, 1x12
Plank Knee Raises - 1x10, 1x12
Weighted Lunges - 2x (I walked the length of the weight area holding a 10lb weight)
Leg Press - 1x10@135lbs, 1x12@155lbs
Wall Sit - 1x30sec, 1x45sec

For my run, I did 30min with 10min@6.5mph, 1min@3mph, and 20min@6mph.

Thanks to a different lacing method (which I'll cover later), I was able to run sockless again!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Workout - 2/03/11

No lifting today.  I decided to do something unusual.

I ran.  


(Waits for applause)'s not a big, huge accomplishment, at least if it weren't for the fact that the last time I ran outside (on a 40deg day in Texas back near Christmas), I barely made it four minutes before I had to stop to a very slow walk.  I made it 25:46 with two one-minute walks and felt pretty good.  Can't wait until spring!

Of course, back in the day, we trained year-round outside.  Running in the winter (in shorts or warm-up pants) was normal and expected for the Distance Track/Cross Country kids.  You learned what and how to layer, when to go light and when to pile on.  It wasn't uncommon for our cold weather wear to be little more than a long-sleeve t-shirt, a t-shirt, shorts, and a hat/glove combo.  You'd be surprised how many different temperatures that combo was good for...

Offhand, I ran in tights exactly once.  I made it barely two minutes up the street, turned around, took them off, and never wore them again.  That said, I remember being more fond of "loose tights" like these than I'd like to admit.  Shorts worked at least half the time, though.  Today was no exception.

It sure was good to be outside!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Weigh-in and Workout - 2/01/11

I'm still doing pretty well.  Dropped 3.8 to get me to 194.4lbs.  This means that I'm halfway to my goal (well .1lb short of halfway)!  My BMI is still in the overweight range at 25.6, so I've got a ways to go.

Today's workout was the Strive circuit.  I increased weight on any exercise I had done the same weight on for two consecutive weeks.  Felt pretty good, though some of the exercises were a struggle.  Shoulder Press in particular is killing me!

Today's run was 3mi at 6mph with occasional sprints at 6.5 and 7mph.

Ran with socks for the first time in months.  Hate them still, but at least my toe wasn't bleeding!  I'll have to go find some thinner ones.