Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Workout - 2/12/11 (Take a Run Around the Block)

For today's workout, I ran around the neighborhood.

Planned workout length was 30min.  Weather was sunny and, even with wind, up to 40deg.  I probably over-dressed just a touch.  I wore my long-sleeve Dri-Fit shirt with a windbreaker over it.  A short-sleeved shirt would likely have been a better bet.

I was able to keep moving throughout the whole time, but I did walk several times, which was pretty frustrating.  My shoes felt good (still loving my GT-2160's!) and my form wasn't too bad.  I just couldn't breathe well, and I think I was just tired from staying up too late this week.  Need to work on that!

At last I got to go outside today, eh?

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