Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's Workout - 2/07/11

If you happen to see him, make sure to wish my little brother a happy 29th!  We'll be the same age for the next 20 days.

Today's workout was upper body:

Pull-ups - 1x10@120lbs, 1x5@120lbs (failed on the 2nd set)
Bench Press - 1x10@115, 1x5@130, 1x5@115
Plyo Bicep Curl - 2x10@15
Torpedo - 2x10@15
Running Form - 1x10@15
Leg Raises - 1x10
Leg Raise/Kicks - 2x5
Planks -  2x@30sec

Today's run was 35min@6mph.  I'm going to try to increase mileage this week by adding 5min to two of my runs.

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