Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's Workout - 02/17/11

Today, I was determined to exercise the demons from Tuesday's workout (haha..."excercise"...nice).  As I laced up my shoes, I planned out a pretty decent resistance routine.  Could have used more upper body, but it wasn't bad:

Squat Jumps - 2x10
Step-Ups - 1x10, 1x5 (per leg) @15lbs
Plank Knee Raises - 1x10, 1x12
Walking Lunges - 2x@40lbs
Bench Press - 2x10@115lbs
Heel Press - 2x15@135lbs
Lat Pull-Down - 1x10@85lbs (forgot to do set #2)

Today's run went GREAT!  I did 30min of non-stop running, alternating a 1deg incline every 5min while keeping a constant 6mph speed.

I feel like I could punch a tiger--IN THE FACE.

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