Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Workout - 1/15/11

I feel like today's workout was a big milestone.  Not only did I make it two miles non-stop at speed, I also was able to touch my toes in post workout stretches even seated with my feet flat against the wall!  If you've ever worked out with me, you have some idea how surprising that is.

Perhaps even more importantly, I got a chance to really work out with Christy and push her pretty hard.  You could say perhaps that it was a growth opportunity for our marriage (in a good way)!

For today's resistance training, I had us do lower body plyometrics:

In-to-Out Squat Jumps.  Kind of like Squat Split Jumps, but with two step platforms.  Start between them in a squat, then jump, landing with feet on the platforms, then jump back down, landing with your feet on the floor in a squat. 1x10, 1x12

Split Squat Jump - 1x10, 1x12.  Here's a quick video of what it looks like, though I didn't do it as a cardio-type exercise (good idea, though!):


Plank Knee Raises - 1x10, 1x12. Get in push-up position and bring your right knee to your elbow, then back to push-up position.  Repeat as necessary.  Switch and do the left leg

Long-stride lunge - Back and forth across the gym

Wall Sit - 1x30sec, 1x40sec

Cardio was 35min.  I walked for 3min@3mph, then ran for 20min@6mph (2 miles!), walked 4min@3mph, then ran for 5min@6mph.

I'm pretty worn out!

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