Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Workout - 1/31/11

Had a good workout with Christy.  We did upper body/abs tonight.

Pull-ups: 2x10 w/60lbs counterweight
Bench Press: 1x10@95lbs, 1x10@115lbs
Planks: 3x30sec
Leg Raises: 2x10
Plyo Bicep Curls: 2x10@15lbs
Torpedoes: 2x10@15lbs
Running Form: 1x10@15lbs

Running was 30min@6mph with a couple sprints to 7 or 8mph.

Pretty good workout, but now the upper on my left shoe is rubbing my toe.

Dang it.

Might have to go back to socks...

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