Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Workout - 1/24/11

Today's workout was upper body.  It included:

Plyo Bicep Curl - 2x10 (15lbs)
Torpedoes - 2x10 (15lbs)
BosuBall Exercise - 2x10
Pull-Ups - 1x10, 1x7 (Body weight of 120lbs)
Bench Press - 2x10 (95lbs, 115lbs)
Leg Raises - 2x10
Leg Raise and Thrust - 2x5

Today's run was 30min@6mph with 2x1min@3mph thrown in.

I feel pretty run-down today.  I think its a little harder to run when I've done upper body than lower body work, if that can be believed!

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